A Review Of The Desert Nights Casino

Since 2010, the Desert Nights Casino has been running on the RealTime Gaming platform, specializing in table games and the best rated slots for US players.

The Desert Nights Casino is an online establishment that specializes in table games and in the best rated slots for US players, having a very wide variety of both activities. They also boast impressive welcome promotions, a good number of banking methods. These factors have attracted a fairly large audience in the few years they've been active, and with good reason. They are a very good establishment primarily for these reasons, and their great selection of games is likely to keep those who enjoy their specialties enjoying them for a good bit longer - especially for their first several deposits.

The primary welcome bonus offered is catered specifically to those who enjoy slots, and it involves a competitive amount of up to $8,888 in promotional bonuses over a person's first 6 deposits. These work very simply: for the first deposit, a match bonus of 200% applies. For the next 3, the promotion is lowered slightly, to 150%. For the next 2, it is lowered again, even more slightly, down to 125%. After this, it goes away. The most money that can be claimed off of this welcome is $8,888, which is an admittedly impressive number. For table enthusiasts, however, the offer is significantly less generous; the first deposit bonus is a still respectable 150%, however this lowers to 75% for the second, and disappears after that. Each of these can be used for a maximum of $450, meaning the welcome for table players is limited to $900. At least initially, those who enjoy slots will feel a little more at home here. Fortunately, this is not the end of the bonuses, which are offered on a daily basis through the website's promotion page. Users would also be wise to check their e-mails, where the largest offers are usually advertised.

Banking options are handled professionally and with as much diversity in choice as is possible. Deposits can be made through major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Withdrawals are done through Bank Wire, and funds usually take between 5 and 7 business days to appear in bank accounts. These funds are handled safely and securely. All issues can be handled by their e-mail support, done through a toll-free phone number, or handled through the casino manager, in an effort to guarantee as complete a customer service experience as is possible.

The Desert Nights casino is far more suited to slots players than to table game players, though it features a wide variety of both types of activity. It features good customer support, some very nice promotional offers, and, their principal claim to fame, so to speak - a lot of catering towards slots. For anyone who feels that these qualities appeal to them, this is likely a good place to go stake some cash in and have a good time, hopefully while earning a little bit of extra cash on the side.